The Union

The Cyprus Consumers Union and Quality of Life is an Independent, Non-party, Non-Profit and Non-Governmental Organization having as its prototype and spirit similar organizations of the community of citizens of the European Union.

Main aims and objectives as determined in its articles of association are:

To offer an organizing form to all Cypriot consumers, without any kind of discrimination, such as sex, race, language, nationality, religion, political ideas, etc. for their protection by any and every legal means, as well as for the support and promotion of their right to have a comfortable and healthy live within a healthy and friendly developing environment, as well as of all the other rights and/ or interests, as they rise from the Cyprus legislation, the acquis communitaire, the international laws and the internationally recognized and guaranteed rights as part of the International Consumers Movement. 

To fight using all the legal means for the promotion of measures for the immediate and compulsory implementation of the acquis communitaire for the effective protection of the Cypriot consumer. Within that framework to demand among other things the following:

a. The establishment of an independent institution on Nutrition safety
b. The adoption of the institution of the Minor disagreements Court
c. The introduction of the institution of the Consumers Commissioner
d. The recognition of the Cypriot consumers as equal to the other social groups and their representation in committees, councils and bodies as is the practice in the European Union.

To study and to undertake researches on topics and subjects affecting the consumers and having relation with the respect of their rights and/ or of their financial and other interests, as well as with their health, safety and generally life quality.

Such topics may be among other things the existence and functioning of a healthy antagonism, the prevention and/ or control of the creation of monopoles and/ or oligopolies, and/ or situations of dominant states at the market, the prevention by every means of the fraud, the right regulation of prices by the law and regulations of the free market, the quantitative and qualitative presentation and distribution of merchandise, goods and services, the correct marking of products, the correct and sufficient use of fertilizers, pesticides, medicines, biotechnology and generally of the science for the benefit of the citizen-consumer.

To pursue the development and the cultivation within the Cyprus society of a healthy consumer awareness, mentality and culture and to promote, improve and develop in the consumers, from an early age, through information and education, the knowledge and the ability of self-protection. 

To provide the consumers with information on topics that refer to the market and antagonism circumstances and especially on the selling price, the quantity, the quality, the benefits and/ or harmfulness, as well as on techniques for the correct supply, purchase, leasing and use of merchandise, goods and services of any kind and description.
To co-operate with governmental and non-governmental organizations and authorities in Cyprus and abroad for the promotion and the achievement of the abovementioned aims and objectives.

To undertake legal steps and actions before Cyprus and/ or international courts, when it thinks fit and necessary for the justification of the consumers and the protection of their rights.


Office address: 169, Athalassas Avenue, 1st floor, Office 103, CY-2015 Strovolos

Postal address: P. O. Box 16033, CY-2085 Strovolos

Telephone: +357 22313111

Fax: +357 22463077



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